Writer Recharging

Posting is light this week, by which I mean my more substantive post is likely not going to hit this page for a few days.

I’ve been up BC’s beautiful sunshine coast and for once the weather didn’t make lie of the name.  It was gorgeous.  As I swam in the ocean (pictures will not be forthcoming) I reflected on the guilt that most writers feel when taking a break.

Don’t.  Don’t feel guilty. 

From time to time we all need to check out from the writing gig — the need to produce, the looming deadlines (self-imposed or not) and the ever-present “am I good enough” concern.   You need to recharge the batteries, replenish the well of creativity, let your mind work in the background on issues that require resolution.

For me this happens several times a year in the good weather — it’s up to the coast.  Oh, sure, I take my laptop.  I just somehow never use it.  Too many other distractions pulling me away — good distractions.

I return refreshed and ready for another several weeks of production.  And my efforts are better for having taken a break.  Yours may be too.

Back to my regularly blogging in a couple of days.


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