The End is in Sight

Yea!  Chapter 30 is finished!

Yea! Chapter 30 is finished!

I finished Chapter 30 of Western Watch a few days ago and sent it off to SYoshiko for her thoughts.  The novel now stands at a little over 121,000 words and I estimate that three more chapters — roughly 15,000 words — are all that is necessary to finish this beast.  Well, the first draft, anyway.

I’m a little fearful that the ending does not quite tie up all of the lose ends.  I remember reading rule #7 of Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling:

Come up with your ending before you figure out your middle.  Seriously.  Endings are hard.  Get yours working up front.

Mind you, I was more or less in the middle when I read that rule.  Oh well, that’s what second drafts are for.  I am pleased, thought that I had revelation that gives serious motivation to one of Lady Merreth’s antagonists.  If you haven’t run across the Pixar list, I strongly recommend you take a peek.

I’ve learned a lot about plot and story structure during this writing during.  Most of it after when it would have been most useful.  Damn it.  Did I mention second drafts?

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