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You should be writing.  Art by SYoshiko.

You should be writing. Art by SYoshiko.

It seems I have been writing the Lady Merreth short stories, novellas, and novels for a long time.  Every once in a while people contact me to ask how far along the projects are.  So here’s where am I at as of Sunday, November 10th, 2012.

The following is all Lady Merreth material and writing pieces are listed in chronological order, starting with Merreth’s first adventure.

Titles are working titles and may change according to feedback and, of course, my preferences.

Title Type Chapters Words Status Notes
Western Watch Novel 29 118,000 1st Draft In progress
Western Fire Novel ? ~ 100,000 Planning Not started
A Matter of Muskets Novella 6 30,000 1st Draft Complete
Weapons Short story n/a 10,000 1st Draft Complete
A Matter of Faith Short Story n/a 3,000 1st Draft Complete
Heart at War Novella 6 17,000 1st Draft Complete
A Good Turn Short Story n/a 5,000 1st Draft Complete
No Good Deed Short Story n/a 1,600 1st Draft Complete
Wrong Footed Short Story n/a 3,000 1st Draft Complete
First Class Short Story n/a 2,600 1st Draft Complete
Scars Made New Short Story n/a 2,000 1st Draft Complete

Heart at War is actually the working name of the University Tales collection of chapters/short stories that I will eventually re-work into a coherent novella.  You can read the chapters, starting with the first on here:

Heart at War -- the University Tales.  Art by SYoshiko

Heart at War — the University Tales. Art by SYoshiko

My efforts are focused on finishing Western Watch. Seems like I have been writing it forever, but the end is in sight.  I am working on Chapter 30, and I anticipate there will be 32 Chapters and an epilogue.  I am aiming to have the first draft finished very early in the new year.  I will let it ‘rest’ for a couple of weeks, then commence the 2nd draft.

The sequel:  Western Fire, picks up right have Western Watch ends and although I have some rough notes on the plot an characters, nothing has been done on it yet.

So…back to writing!

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