So, What Did You Do in the Middle Ages?

Historical Occupations …

Jobs, that is, not what happens to a country after it loses a war.

I write historical fiction and frankly, know little about the various jobs, careers, and occupations of folk who are now long dead. Aside from the usual stuff like “blacksmith” or “groom”, my knowledge is/was pretty limited.

Thank God for the Internet. 🙂 There is a plethora of information on such things. For example, do you know what a “doubler” was? Me neither. I do now, thanks to the index of old occupations.

Check it out. Lots of good stuff there along with some additional links.

Oh, and a doubler? That’s someone who “operated a machine twisting yarn in cotton/woolen mills. The yarn on different bobbins is combined onto another bobbin.”

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