Merreth’s Villains

Good villains are difficult to create and I have been working diligently on several for Merreth.  I’ve been fortunate in that several artists are taken enough with Lady Merreth and her world that they have depicted several of them for me without asking for anything in return.

I am grateful and humbled by that.  I’ve written of SYoskhiko before, but now I would like introduce another artist who goes by his Deviant Arts name — Yacermino.  He has done several sketches of Merreth’s adversaries and I’ve put together a small video to show case some of them.

I have featured some of his work in a previous post, but the video contains some new sketches.  Besides, it was fun to do.

Enjoy, and visit his Deviant Art web page to see more of his work.  A word of warning — some of his stuff is somewhat NSFW.

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