Lady Merreth in Leather — Two Artists

I’m a bit of visual person and a tad impatient from time to time when comes to writing.  I want to see the characters I’m creating, rather than just read the words of paper, no matter how evocative they may be (and to be fair, in a first draft sometimes they are not all that evocative; hard to believe, I know).

To that end I commissioned a couple of artists to draw Lady Merreth, the protagonist in the novella I’m writing (currently 107,000 words!  Go me!).

Max Forward is located in California (yes, that really is his name) as is Serene Yoshiko.  They have different styles, but both have done a bang up job with Lady Merreth.

Ultimately I decided to work with SYoshiko.  She does excellent work, and has come to know Merreth almost as well as I do.  You can see much more of her work her on her Deviant Arts page.  Take a look!

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