Lady Merreth Art Contest Results

I have run two contests on Deviant Arts. Winners from the first contest are here.  The second one ran from September through December, ending just before Christmas.  The contest was entitled “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Lights, Camera, Action! -- Art by SYoshiko.

Lights, Camera, Action! — Art by SYoshiko.

To enter, contestants depicted a scene chosen from a limited list.  All scenes were drawn from my Lady Merreth writings — either my upcoming novel ‘Western Watch’ or from a loose collection of stories entitled ‘The University Tales.  Contests could also choose their own scene from my works provided they secured my agreement.

Entries could be of a wide variety of styles:

  • 2D
  • 3D
  • Line art
  • Manga
  • Anime
  • Photo manipulations

Character depictions had to be true to the character(s) and realistic in proportions (I wanted to avoid ‘cartoony’ entries).  Further conditions can be found here.

I offered the following prizes:

  • First Prize — $80US
  • Second Prize — $60US
  • Third Prize — $30US

Winners, and links to their Deviant Art pages are below.  Click the images for full size.



First Place





 Second Place

“You Stupid, Indolent Cow of a Woman”

You Stupid, Indolent Cow of a Woman

You Stupid, Indolent Cow of a Woman


 Third Place

“One for Merreth”

One for Merreth

One for Merreth




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