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Had I the chance to do it all again with the benefit of hindsight, I think I might well have chosen a career in video, animation or, even better, movie making.

I came to this realization after I started commissioning artists to illustrate scenes from Western Watch — the novel I’m writing.  Of course, this is jumping the gun a bit as the novels first draft is not finished.  Yet I really, really want to see Merreth come to life on the screen.  I find myself watching action sequences in movies and TV shows with an eye to analyzing how their structure to see what makes them effective.

With a couple of images in hand, I started think about book trailers and even more — bringing certain scenes to life.  A full blown movie is out, obviously (leaving aside the fact the novel is not finished), as is an animated movie (at least at this stage).  Cost would be prohibitive.

OK then, what about just scenes, I asked myself?  Still very expensive, at least with the quality that I want.

The best I might be able to do on a limited budget was a motion comic, or at at least motion comic scenes.

Ripe for Animation -- Art by SYoshiko

Ripe for Animation — Art by SYoshiko

A motion comic is essentially a graphic novel with very limited animation applied to elements within each panel.  A poor man’s animated cartoon if you will.  I spend a little time looking around the web and came up with a number of motion comic resources that I have stashed away against future need.

Here they are if you are interested in reading a little more (I know I was):

Finally, while I on the topic, I would like to point you to an artist who does some wonderful work in animation.  She put together the animated Merreth flash that I posted earlier.

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