Five Awesome Indie Author Resources

Here are five awesome indie author resources I have identified over the past three years.  I’ve tweeted about a few of them in the past, bookmarked all of them, and use them on a regular basis.  One I’ve blogged about before, the others I have not. A lot of the resources described below are free, but you can also spend some money if you so desire.


Bad Redhead MediaBad Redhead Media  — if you’re an Indie author, you should make a point of stopping by Rachel Thompson’s blog a regular basis. The blog covers a number of different topics but focuses on book marketing and social media. Her articles are well written, informative and — best of all — practical. While many bloggers provide generalities, Rachel and her guest bloggers serve up quality-driven specifics.

Recent articles include How do I know the stats on your Blog are Wrong, How to Use Social Media Management Tools to Promote Your Book, and 10 Tips to Up Your Book Marketing skills Right Now. Rachel also provides fee-based book branding/marketing consulting services.

Trust me, you want to make Rachel’s blog a habit.


Social Media Just For WritersSocial Media Just For Writers — this is Frances Caballo’s blog and as the name implies, it is focused on social media — Twitter, Facebook, etc, though she does provide content on other areas as well (e.g. her Indie Authors: Follow These 40 on Twitter in 2017 post).  I like Social Media Just For Writers because it provides practical advice on the major social media platforms.  When I first got started in Twitter I turned to Frances for information on what to do and what not to do.  Like Rachel Thompson, Frances also provides paid consulting services including social median training and usage analysis.

I always stop by Frances’s blog each week, and you should too.


The Book DesignerThe Book Designer — JF Bookman’s blog is a treasure trove of information on self-publishing.  It provides content on virtually every facet of the self-publishing process:  Author Blogging; book design, printing, reviews; marketing, social media, video, webinars, writing, and much, much more.  The blog provides a combination of free and paid resources in the form of articles, downloadable content, templates, tool kits, and training.  The Book Designer is one of the first blogs I began to peruse on a regular basis and I visit it often.  If you are just getting started as an indie writer, this is one of the top blogs to take a look at.

Like Bad Redhead Media and Social Media Just for Writers, The Book Designer is on my must read list.


Social Media ExaminerSocial Media Examiner — this blog is not aimed specifically at indie authors, but provides an amazing collection of articles on social media.  This includes tools that can be used to enhance social media marketing.  The site bills itself as the “world’s largest social media marketing resource” and they have the content to back up their claim.  There are numerous articles on virtually every aspect of using social media for marketing purposes:  How tos, comparative pieces, reviews, industry news, podcasts, you name it, they have it.  For indie authors this is the place to go for tips on analytics, graphics elements, post scheduling, technical concerns (e.g. How to Back Up Your Social Media Content), and more.  Indie authors who embrace social media marketing (or event just content creation in general) need to check out this blog on a regular basis.

This the place I go for tips, tricks, and social marketing tools.

Other sites

DeviantartLady Merreth's Authors Page on Deviantart, Brant Forseng, @brantforseng — this is less of a blog and more a social media tool. Think “Facebook for Artists”. Indie authors can create an account and post their content (usually writing). Why would you want to? Two reasons: First, deviantart is huge, with a rich, vibrant subgroups devoted to different types of writing (novels, short stories, poetry, etc). It’s another source of exposure and feedback on your writing. Second, deviantart is primarily about artists, and if you looking for book covers, character depictions or scene renderings, this is a good place to start. There are hundreds (thousands?) of artists you can commission. Visuals are hugely important in book marketing and this is a place to source them.

Two caveats: First, this is another social media channel and it will demand your time if you are serious about using it. Second, artists are of varying quality and reliability. Ask around, check prices, and especially terms and conditions before commissioning someone to depict your fantasy character.

If I’m looking for custom artwork, deviantart is my first stop.


So there you have it, — five top-flight indie author resources.  There are, of course, many more and I’ll like do another post in the future talking about them.  In the meantime, I hope this has been helpful.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you again soon.


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