First Draft End in Sight

Almost there!

Almost there!

I am almost there.  Chapter 32 is finished and has been sent off to SYoshiko for a quick read.  Then it will be submitted to my writers’ groups for their coldly objective review.

I have just one more chapter and possibly an epilogue to write. They should be done by the end of the June.   I think I should write more quickly, but I have come to terms with the fact that some people are able to pump out a lot of words in a day and some cannot.  I cannot.  The story takes as long to write as it takes.  If you are slow (like me), comparing your production rate to others will do nothing except depress and de-motivate you.

This close to the finish line and already I have an extensive list of things to be fixed.  There are, for example, two minor sub-plots that go nowhere.  These will be ruthless excised from the second draft.  There is a moderately sized sub-plot and character which may be cut, though I’d really rather not.  They will make a nice jumping off point for the second book.

I have decided there will be a second book, to resolve a couple of lingering questions and tie up a character’s story arc.  Western Watch will be a stand-alone story, but it will be clear that a sequel is coming,    I had mixed feeling about this, because such a structure could leave me open to the criticism of merely tying up most of the loose ends, instead of ALL of them.

We’ll see.  I might get ruthless enough to carve out all of the remaining sub plots.  Still — it’s a moot point until the first draft is finished.


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