First Draft Complete!

My first draft -- 520 pages, 133, 500 words.

My first draft — 520 pages, 133, 500 words.


It is finally done!  My first draft of Western Watch — Lady Merreth’s first novel — is now complete.    it was a long slog.  I started it in 2009 and really only became serious about writing it to completion a couple of years ago.

But now it’s done.

And the second draft beckons. There is a lot of work to do.  I have done a blog post on second drafts here.  In addition, I ran across this PDF document on things to consider when revising the first draft.  There are a lot of things to consider in my case.  Unfortunately.

However,  it’s time to push on and to pick up the pace.  I have several loyal followers who are waiting impatiently for the book (Hi Mom!).     I will let the novel “rest” for a couple of weeks and then start the arduous revision process.


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