40 Book Launch Resources

I’ve always had an interest in book marketing, not unexpected given my business background, and I’ve collected quite a collection of links to blog articles on that subject.  Today I present to you 40 Book Launch Resources, a compendium of blog articles focused on the activities directly related to launching a book.  I say “activities” because while most of the articles focus on marketing, some cover non-marketing areas that should be addressed with regard to a book launch.

I’ve tried to include articles written with a focus only on book launches in particular.  I’ve run across many articles which, while titled as being directly related to a book launch, really just provide general marketing advice. I have not included those articles in this resource list (with one or two exceptions) however good they may be.

The Resource List provides title (a link), and a very brief description of the content.  I’ve found all of them interesting, and I hope you do too.

40 Book Launch Resources

The list is broken into several categories.  I have tried to be as accurate as I can, but such grouping attempts are always somewhat arbitrary:

  • Book Characteristics
  • Pre-Launch
  • Launch Plan
  • Post Launch
  • Examples
  • Pre-readers
  • Social Media
  • Miscellaneous

Book Characteristics

These are articles focusing on the book itself — cover design, pricing, genre selection, formats, and similar descriptors.

Article Title/Link Description
The Eight Elements of a Successful eBook Launch | BookBably Blog Planning, pricing, genre selection, book description, reviews, cover design, and more
10-Point Checklist to Get Your Book Ready for Launch | Book Marketing Tools Blog Checklist of book characteristics relevant to a launch: formats, languages, ISBN number, front and back cover test, cover, etc
How to Find the Most Popular Parts of Your Book | Book Launch Finding and using the most popular parts of your book to support marketing


These are articles focused on activities that should have been carried out before an actual book launch;  although focused on marketing some articles do touch on other topics.

Article Title/Link Description
5 Tips For an Effective eBook Pre-Launch Campaign | Just Publishing Advice A short article on finding your audience, using Amazon and Goodreads, mailing lists, and more
The Ultimate Indie Author Book Pre-Launch Checklist | Fix My Story A useful 11 item checklist of what to do before launch
13 Key Questions to Ask About Your Audience Before a Book Launch | Book Marketing Tools Blog All about reader demographics and engagement; excellent marketing checlist type of post
Is Your Author Platform Ready for a Book Launch? | Book Marketing Tools Blog Provides a list of questions to determine if your author platform can/will support your book launch
Launching a Book? Why You Should Start Building an Email List Today | Book Marketing Tools Blog Twelve reasons an email list is critical to a book launch
Launch Higher: How to Get Book Reviews Before Your Launch Date | Your Writer Platform Oriented towards the new author; provides methods of gaining reviews priror to the launch: giveaways, advanced distribution sites. Promotional review outlets
How to Create Pre-Launch Buzz for Your Book Right Now | BadRedhead Media Pre-launch marketing methods including quote sharing, relationship building, email lists, etc; all tied to a calendar
The two things I advise for any book launch | WGrowMedia Discusses the importance of connecting with readers and your core and those who reach your ideal audience
How to Run a Book Launch Like a Pro | Self-Publishing School Blog Provides an extensive pre-launch checklist, strategies, and resource links; discusses amazon and promotion sites

Launch Plan

Articles that lay out, either step-by-step or in more general terms,  a plan for launching a book; some articles touch upon both pre and post launch considerations.

Article Title/Link Description
Getting Ready to Launch a Book? Start with These 5 Questions | Jane Friedman Covers goals, motivation, audience, time and money budgets
4 Steps to Establishing a Sensible Timeline for Your Book Launch | Book Marketing Tools Blog Four steps including picking a date based on maximum Impact, planning and post launch activities
How to Set Clear Goals and Objectives for Your Book Launch | Book Marketing Tools Blog Goal setting 101 for for book launches;  discusses goals and objectives
7 Questions to One Smart Book Launch Distribution Strategy | Book Marketing Tools Blog Discusses distribution channels and promotional considerations
Top Tips on TIming for Indie Authors | Self-Publishing Advice Center Discusses the impact of distribution channels and release formats on launch timing
6 Quick-Fire Steps to a Killer Content Strategy for Your Book Launch | Book Marketing Tools Blog How to create a content strategy (blog, newsetter social media, etc) which supports a book launch
6 Steps for Creating a Social Media Campaign that Drives Your Book Launch | Book Marketing Tools Blog Setting goals, choosing networks, updating profiles, creating a calendar and more
5 Quick-Fire Tips to Ramp up Your Book Launch via Social Media | Book Marketing Tools Blog Covers hashtags, click-to-tweet embeds, live video, share buttons, user generated content
Secrets of Successful Book Launches with Howard VanEs | Social Media Just for Writers Interview covering elements of a successful book launch using a 30 day model
Your Book Launch Timeline: Develop A Three-Phase Plan | BookBaby Blog Timeline explanation of three parts:  pre-launch, launch, and post launch activities
5 Things I’m Not Doing to Launch My Book—Plus What I’m Doing Instead | Jane Friedman Provides five strategies used by some launches and why the author chose NOT to use them
A Book Launch Plan for First-Time Authors Without an Online Presence | Jane Friedman Title says it all; covers using people you know, encouraging sharing, marketing to strangers, and more
How to Launch a Book Series | Self-Publishing Advice Center Discusses strategies for launching a book series with pros and cons

Post Launch

Articles that lay out out strategies for post-launch activities in order to keep up the launch momentum.  I only found one article specifically devoted to post-launch activities, but I thought it warranted being called out.

Article Title/Link Description
What’s Your Post-Launch Book-Marketing Plan? (You Have One, Right?) | The Write Life The importance of the post-launch plan for the book; includes the author’s personal experience


These are articles that provide actual examples of book launches, including what worked.

Article Title/Link Description
Launching Your Book – What’s Working? | Indies Unlimited Covers what works for some authors — price discounts, blog tours, social media, endorsements, Facebook launch teams, and more
How to Launch a Self-Published Book | Startup Indie Author Provides links to ten examples of successful book launches and the strategies used


These articles focus on the use of pre-readers, network peers, and beta readers in order to support a successful book launch.

Article Title/Link Description
Delay the Gratification of Launching Your Book | Fix My Story The importance of pre-readers and of hanving a launch plan
How to Launch a Book the Smart Way! | Positive Writer Argues that a network of peers to get the word out regarding your book is necessary; provides some guidance on creating one
How To Use Beta Readers To Launch Your Book | Kindlepreneur Explains beta readers, where to find them, how to prepare them, collect their feedback and use it

Social Media

Well, of course there are some article on using social media.  These are devoted to the marketing uses, including what to do and what not to do.

Article Title/Link Description
9 Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a Book | Social Media Examiner A bit dated, but still relevant
What Every Author Should Know About the Social Side of Book Launches | Book Marketing Tools Blog Social media use in book launches and marketing; sort of a social media 101 
Twitter and Book Marketing | Book Launch A short article on how to use and NOT use twitter for book marketing


Stuff that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else that I found interesting, including an article on why book launches may fail.

Article Title/Link Description
Street Teams – The Smart Author’s Tactic for Book Launches | Sacha Black Covers the concept of “street teams” — group of people willing and able to help you launch and promote your books.
Creating the Right Author Content | Book Launch General author/book marketing advice that should be done before a book launch
Author Marketing Mastery #42 – Twelve Steps to a Successful Book Launch Party! | Where Writers Win Tips on organizing a “physical” party — date, goals, themes, venue, entertainment, etc
How to Use a Competitive & Market Analysis for a Book Launch | Book Marketing Tools Blog More about competitive author analysis than book launches, per se, but still valuable
The Legalities of Running a Giveaway or Contest During Your Book Launch | Book Marketing Tools Blog Covers sweepstakes, lotteries, contests, and their use in a book launch; touches on tax issues as well
14 Ways to Crash Your Book Launch – Authors, DO NOT Try This at Home by Kimberley Grabas | The Book Designer Extensive discussion of 14 different reasons why a book launch may fail

So there you go!  I hope you find the list useful.  Have any book launch links you’d like to share?  Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you again next time.

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