37 Book Cover Resources

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and that’s especially true of book covers.  A good cover can spark interest and be the difference between a digital “shrug” on the part of a potential reader and a pause to “peek inside”.  After that, of course, it’s what’s under the cover that will determine a satisfying reader experience.  But before the sale, the cover is the hook, and much attention has been devoted to book covers in the indie author sphere.  I’ve collected many cover-related links over the years and have compiled for you in this post:  37 Book Cover Resources. 

There should be something here to help out almost every aspiring indie author.

I’ve divided the links into several sections to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.   The divisions are somewhat artificial, and you may find that some of the linked articles actually cross several categories. 

Why Covers Matter

These blog articles delve into why good cover design is essential.  Moreover, they point out that “cover” refers not only to the front matter, but also to the spine and back cover content.  All are important. 

Book Cover Design

This is the meat of the matter — concept, layout, production, and completion of the cover.  In a word — design.  Some the article focus on only a single aspect of cover design, such as font selection, others are more comprehensive.

Book Cover Re-Design

Ok, things have gone horribly wrong with the first cover design, or at least it has not lived up to expectations.  These articles will give you some guidance on how to fix things.

Book Cover Resources

Once you know why book covers are important, and have some design guidelines under your belt, you can make use of the following resources to go ahead and produce your cover.

I hope you find these resources useful.  Just remember though, a kick-ass cover cannot make up for a poor writing and plotting!

Did you find these links helpful?

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