27 Resource Links for Creating Book Trailers

I am a big fan of book trailers, and over the course of three years I have collected many links to different book trailer resources. I think they may be useful to others, so here are 27 resource links for creating  book trailers.  Topics covered include:

  • Creation
  • Use
  • Tools
  • Sharing
  • Promotion

These links are but a small sample available on the web, of course.  I have included the one that I found provided useful information.

Resource Compilations

Book Trailers — although a bit dated, this 2009 post holds a comprehensive list of book trailer resource links cover topics such as creation, where to display your trailer, contests, book trailer effectiveness, and more.

Free Book Trailer Resources for Writers — a short 2012 blog article supplying a link to some public domain video footage available for use in book trailers.

Effectiveness of Book Trailers

Super sad book trailers — a Chicago times article from 2012 discussing why book trailers often fail in their purpose.

Fantastic Book Trailers and the Reasons They’re So Good — this 2013 post addresses the issue of skepticism over book trailers, provides example book trailers and explains why so they are good.

Why Book Trailers are a Waste of Time (and What to Do Instead) — I think the author’s reasoning in this 2015 post is a little thin, but still worth a read.

Book Trailers — Absolute Necessity or Pretty Fluff — this 2014 article argues they are a necessity.

Are Book Trailers a Must Have? — a 2015 blog post that provides three reasons to create one and four reasons not to; a balance article.

Creating Book Trailers

How to Create a Viral Book Trailers (or Get 1,000,000 View for Almost Anything) — an interesting article on the creation of high-production value book trailer; while the resources required are beyond the reach of most authors, it’s still a worthwhile read.

How to create, and edit a stunning book trailer — an undated blog article providing an overview of the book trailer creation process; provides links to free resources and applications useful in book trailer creation.

Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week — How to Make Book Trailer Videos — a video on creating book trailers using free tools (links to which are provided).

5 Tips For Creating Attention-Grabbing Book Trailers — short blog article on precisely what the title says; of note is a link to legal issue to be aware of.

Book Trailer 101 — a comprehensive guide to creating an effective book trailer; this is a must read for anyone serious about creating a book trailer; it covers theory, practice, resources, examples, and more; provides a link to the author’s book on the same subject.

Top 5 Book Trailer Tips — a 2012 blog article with a short description of five tips; more conceptual than providing specific examples or techniques.

Authors Can Make Book Trailers with YouTube’s Free Editor — No tools?  No problem!  This 2015 trailer provides the how to on using YouTube’s free editor. This is a longer post packed with tips.

Create a Book Trailer Using Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint — exactly as the title says, this 2015 article provides step by step instructions on creating a book trailer using PowerPoint.

Book Trailer Basics: What to Consider Before Creating Yours — this 2015 blog article discusses the three different approaches one may take when creating a book trailer — hybrid, cleaver, low-tech DIY, and bonus content; a different perspective than the typical “tips” post.

How to Use Fiverr to Create a Book Trailer — a 2016 post on using Fiverr to create a book trailer; provides extensive directions on how to prepare for and solicit a “gig” on Fiverr; recommended.

Let’s Make a Book Trailer — now up to 18 parts, this is my contribution to the growing body of work on making book trailers;  I focus on PowerPoint and Microsoft Movie Maker.

Book Trailer Production Companies

Film 14 — these folks produce cinematic book trailers and some of their work is quite impressive.  If you’ve got some money to spend, check them out.

The Book Khaleesi — this company produces both book covers and book trailers; samples provided appear to be quality work.

Using Book Trailers

15 ways to promote your book with a book trailer — this 2014 article provides some good ideas, mostly in bullet form.

Elements of a Great Video Book Trailer (And How to Use It Once You Have One!) — this short 2015 post provides a short description of the elements that make for a successful book trailer and some ideas on how to use the book trailer once it is finished.

BookReels — a site that allows users to upload book trailers for others to view; registration to get a username and password; the site has numerous uploads divided by genre.

Seven Ways to Use Your Video Book Trailer — this blog article discusses where to display your trailer including sites such as YouTube, Goodreads, Amazon, and more.

How to Use Book Trailers for Successful Book Marketing — a 2015 blog article discusses the purpose of book trailers and provide eight different ways to use a book trailer for promotional purposes. 

Set Your Book in Motion with Your Video Book Trailer! — a comprehensive article on the value of a book trailer, the elements of an effective book trailer, and where to share a book trailer once it’s been created.

Book Trailers And Using Video For Book Marketing — Joanna Penn’s 2015 article on book trailers, marketing, and what makes a good book trailer;  this is a must read.

So there you go, readers.  Tell me, have you created a book trailer or are you thinking of doing so?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and I will see you again next time.

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