27 Author Email Newsletter Resources

Author email newsletters are one of the most effective methods of ensuring sales of indie-author books. They allow you to connect with readers, provide them with value-add, encourage them to read your work.

Over the years much has been written about email newsletters and how to get start them, grow subscriber lists, and convert subscribers to readers and book purchasers.  This information is, necessarily, scattered about on different blog posts.  I have collected many against the day when it will be time to start my newsletter.

In the meantime I present the links I have collected for your use, including the date the article was written.  In those instances where articles are undated, I guessed the date from the article comments. 

I have also roughly categorized the articles by type, though the delineations are not exact.  Many articles contain content that spans multiple categories.

Why Use Email Newsletters

How to Use Email Newsletters

Content Ideas for Email Newsletters

Email Newsletter Applications

So there you have it, 27 links to help you get started on your author email newsletter.

Do you use a newsletter?  What has your experience been?

Thanks for reading, and I will see you again next time.


















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