2014 Review

New year 2014Well, now, its the end of the year, and thus time to take stock on what i have done to accomplish my writing and related goals for 2014.

Achievements can be be summarized as “Mixed”.

I did finish the first draft of Western Watch — yea!  But that was in July and I I sat on my ass for several — ok, five — months before even lifting a finger to begin the second draft.

I had a 2014 goal of finishing the second draft as well.  Not so much there.   And the third draft as well.

I had set a goal to post a blog article once a week.  I averaged once a month.  Improvement needed.

My Twitter goal was 5 writing or art/animated posts per week in 2014.  Hmmmm…I was lucky to do one tweet a month.  Well, maybe not that bad, but bad enough.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile — my inability to meet my writing goals — and it all boils down to a lack of focus.   I got distracted by other interests — look, squirrel! — and lost track of my goals.  In addition, I failed to break the goals down into monthly or even weekly sub-goals for draft writing. I was always easy to justify not doing anything this week because, after all, I have an entire year to get things done.  This kind of thinking has not worked out all that well for me.

In 2015 I plan to develop the habit of writing consistently — at least four times a week.  I’m still mulling over the word count goal for each session.  In addition,  I think my draft goals were a little too ambitious given the time I have.  Finish the first, second and third draft of a 130,000 word novel in 12 months?  What was a I thinking?  And yes, I know that others have done that easily.    Whenever I want to get depressed I compare myself to those writers.

I know I can develop the habits.  Last year I wanted to workout with weights at least four times a week. I met that goal.  Now I have to develop the writing habit.

Onward to 2015!

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